Cake Smashes are a super fun way to mark the occasion of your little one’s birthday. They have become extremely popular in the last few years and the great thing is…I clear up all the mess! 

I will admit it’s very rare that children get completely involved and smash/ eat cakes. Sometimes they may need a little help and encouragement from parents at their session so be prepared, it will get messy! It can help for you to introduce your little one to icing and cake in the run-up to your shoot. This can really help in getting them used to the textures.

Sometimes, if the little ones really aren’t that keen, fear not, as we have the super cute bathtub shots too, who doesn’t love a splash! These adorable bathtub shots are just plain water so those with allergies needn’t worry. Lots of splashing fun and usually where the smiles happen. It can get a little wet so make sure to bring a towel along. 

Sessions come with a deliciously baked cake by local and very talented cake maker Stella Bakes. All cakes are personalized and will match your chosen background. If your little one has an allergy, please do let me know, as she is able to offer allergy-friendly cakes. Alternatively, you can do a fruit smash or session. Our strawberry backdrop is perfect for this! 


If Cake Smash & Splashes aren’t quite what you are looking for, we can offer our traditional Birthday Shoots. These are shot on one of our beautiful backdrops, of your choosing and will exclude the cake and bathtub.