Little ones, they really do grow so fast. I’m so lucky that I have the pleasure to capture these precious moments forever in images for you to reminisce. I am baby-led and I will not attempt any poses that your Baby is not comfortable with. What does this mean? Well, my posing style is however your little one feels comfortable. I do not offer poses where the baby is held in a position and altered in post-processing, this is just my personal preference and style. My main poses will be on their side, tummy, and their back.  

Although, some little ones really aren’t too keen on their tummy, so please, rest assured I will not attempt to pose your little one. It also isn’t uncommon for little ones to sometimes be restless, upset, and very unsettled for their session. Again rest assured this does happen frequently. I like to keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere, with a warm heater, lots of white noise, and a rocker to help soothe little ones. However, just like us, sometimes they have their ‘Off’ days. If your little poser isn’t posing quite like the model you know they are, I will make the decision to finish the session and re-arrange, at a convenient date for you to return. In most instances finishing the session within a day or two works perfectly and little ones are a lot calmer when returning. I make this decision to ensure your baby is in no distress, I know first hand just how upsetting it is for a parent to see your little one restless. 


Parent and sibling images are available, depending on your chosen package. In these cases, I do suggest that these images are taken first and an extra family member or friend is on hand to take siblings after they are done. Sessions can be quite long which can be quite boring for children.

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”

Eda LeShan